Welcome to the always incomplete website of

artist and creative contractor

Samuel Bates.

The photo galleries found on the "Portfolio" page are the heart of this website,

and will be added to continuously.


The majority of work displayed here is the result of Sam's collaborative approach to custom work for diverse patrons, in settings ranging from private homes and businesses, to hospitals, churches, universities, and retreat centers.  


From detailed abstract designs to simple meditations on natural forms, the imagery of the artwork is usually expressed in glass or stone, with aluminum, steel, hardwoods, and even silk used for the supporting structural elements. 


Outdoor installations are often monolithic,  however the largest outdoor project to date is a 15'long x 9'tall triptych of thin stone slabs, mounted on a custom fabricated stainless steel frame that is invisible behind the stone except for the decoratively engraved brackets that hold each stone panel securely in place.  Also, R&D is underway for a potential series of outdoor wall-mounted self-luminescent glass installations in downtown Spokane, Washington.


In addition to artwork on this large scale, small works, customized to a particular person or place, continue to be an important feature of the Bates studio. 


The "Custom Work" page is meant to demystify and introduce the process of placing a custom order for artwork that will be uniquely designed for both the patron and the intended setting, whether it is only a small palm-sizd stone for a special occasion, or a large architectural project.


Display stock currently available for purchase will be available through the "Showroom" link. (Coming soon. In the meantime inquire by e-mail for photos of finished artworks currently for sale.)


The diversity of the work displayed on these pages reflects both a wide range of customers, and an aesthetic approach that is always synthesizing new interests.


Enjoy browsing, and feel free to use the information provided on the contacts page: we are happy to consult, set up appointments, brainstorm, or just simply visit.  If "a picture is worth a thousand words", talking with a real person is worth a thousand websites.